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pas cher canada goose outletDown jacket is really an indispensable piece of clothing as the main force of winter cold resistance! Especially friends from the north! Hey, I went to Yinchuan from Guangzhou last week and became a cold dog because I didn't bring down jackets. . Down jackets are generally filled with goose down canada goose outlet sale and duck down, which are divided into white down and gray down. One reason that white down is more expensive than gray down pas cher canada goose outlet on the market is that white down can be used in a wider range, but light-colored clothes will not be filled with gray. It looks good, and the second reason is the fiber structure of the white velvet. Goose down of the same quality and down content has better warmth retention and higher bulkiness than duck down, but it is not much different.

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I bought a MUJI product, the basic model, blue-gray, soft and comfortable, it looks pretty aunt's actually. It was upset the other day, and I almost went crazy outside. I don’t know if my nose is left behind... Winter is coming soon, this year is a cold winter. I really hate the look of down jackets, like the abdomen of an insect. But nice down jackets are really expensive canada goose outlet sale I want to buy goose down pas cher canada goose outlet, which is thick and warm, and the duck down always feels stinky. Basically, the ones introduced are pas cher canada goose outlet brand, and it doesn't feel so cold.

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In fact, a lot of domestic shortcomings are in style. The material is not good, and the down jacket is not accidental. It should be worn for five or six or seven years. The material is still more important. Goose down on the market seems to cost 1,000 yuan or more Although I also have cashmere pas cher canada goose outlet coats, I can only rely on canada goose outlet sale down jackets when the cold wave comes. In addition, the subway office is also very hot, sometimes you can’t wear too much inside, and the casual coat must be thick It is said that there is no cold wind at minus 30 degrees. And a good goose down jacket only needs the head of the pas cher canada goose outlet down, not the pole below, so it can be imagined that this is how many lives have been carried on the pas cher canada goose outletbody.